Nsfkd is a tumblr account kittydog created so she can upload her nsfw furry shit.

Why exactly did she do it? Well, to answer that, lets briefly explain what 'animators disease' is.

It all starts with 'Animators Disease Stage I'. Its the sudden growth of a tail and ears on your animation and art oc's. It's known to be the most harmless stage, even still, infected oc's can generate minor amounts of ionizing radiation through your computer monitor. Stage I can be cured by trying to fight that urge to draw ears and a tail on your oc, but its hard to anyways.

'Animators Disease Stage II' Is where it gets bad. The disease becomes more passive aggressive, slowly influencing your real life. You will, at times, start acting like a furry and you will create fursuits so you can wear them. Your oc's will become more furrysome, by, surprisingly, growing fur. Since this stage affects your life a lot more, it's pretty much impossible to cure.

'Animators Disease Stage III' Is the point of no return. You will get the urge to draw your oc's posing in sexual acts, and sometimes that urge will be so strong, that you won't be able to resist, and you will draw what's called 'NSFW'. This stage is more dangerous, as this is the stage where the disease will be able to spread from person to person through the computer monitor. The amount of ionizing radiation emitted by the infected oc's through your computer monitor will drasticaly increase as well.

'Animators Disease Stage IV' Is the final and the worst stage of all of them. Drawing NSFW will become an addiction, and the disease will become fully infectious, spreading from person to person in seconds. Your life and hobbies will be pretty much fully based around furries.

Now that you got the explenation, we can answer the question: 'Why did she do it?' It's because of the disease. The disease has reached Stage III and there is literally no help for her.

Or simply put, she propably draws nsfw because--- I am big meanie that likes to bash girls who do weird stuff, WAAAAAAAAAAAAA WWWWAAAAAAAAA. bay thay wayyyyy im forh teeeeeeeb lll;;;::::...;;^^^^^ )))====PPP

Peace guys.